Humans of wayne county
Hello, Wayne County! 
In 2010, photographer Brandon Stanton initiated a project called Humans of New York, where he photographed and interviewed different members of his community. Its purpose was to promote peace and understanding throughout the community by spreading the stories of thousands of people.
The Wayne County Public Library has partnered with Rohan Shreenath, a junior at Wayne Country Day School and resident of Wayne County since he was 11 months old. Together, we are launching a similar project called Humans of Wayne County (HoWC).
This page will share information about the residents of Wayne County in written format, oral interview, and/or video interviews.
If you would like to be included in this project, please email a little about yourself. See guidelines below. We will randomly post the received information about the residents of our County. All emails should be sent to: Below is an example of information to send:


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·         What do you like about Wayne County?
·         What do you hope Wayne County will look like in 10 years from now?
·         Tell us about activities you’re involved in
·         Tell us about your hobbies
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We look forward to hearing from you!
Michael Broxton

Michael Broxton is a nineteen year old citizen of Wayne County who recently graduated from Goldsboro High School. Michael was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and later moved to Alabama, Clayton, and Smithfield, before coming to Goldsboro. He has lived in Wayne County for about five years. Michael has twelve biological siblings and was adopted with his brother. During his time at Goldsboro High School, Michael was the president of the Interact Club and FALA as well as the president for his class during his junior and senior years.

The Interact Club is an organization at Goldsboro High whose motto is “service above self.” Through the Interact Club, Micahel has volunteered in events such as the Walk Out of Darkness, the March for Polo, suicide awareness, and the Guatemalan Water Project. Their club also worked on projects with FALA, where he participated in the Special Olympics, which allowed kids with autism to play different sports.

Michael will be enrolling at UNC-Chapel Hill where he plans to major in psychology and minor in business. He hopes to have his own practice in the future. Michael wants people to know that he is somebody that is always there to help the people around him, so he can make an impact on the world.

He likes how ambitious the people of Wayne County are, and he hopes that people will be provided with opportunities to act on those ambitions. In the future, Michael hopes Wayne County will grow into more of a teen friendly community, with more activities for teenagers to do. He also wants people to know that he is very motivated and ambitious, as well as very driven to succeed. In his free time, Michael enjoys gardening, drawing, cooking, baking, and walking trails and hiking. When Michael became president of the Interact Club, it was a daunting task at first. However, as time progressed, he grew more accustomed to his job and understanding what he and everyone else had to do. Through his volunteering, Michael learned that even though all people are different, they have underlying similarities in their happiness and love. He encourages people to step out of their comfort zones and make their own opportunities. Michael enjoys helping others just to see a smile on their face, and he hopes to continue to help others with his volunteering in the future.

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Lovens Paul smiles in his cap and gown from Interact.

Humans of Wayne County #3 - Lovens Paul - 10/7/20

     Lovens Paul is a current Wayne County resident, who is originally from Haiti. He graduated from Goldsboro High School in the Class of 2020. He first started volunteering for the National Honors Society in his sophomore year of high school. He acted as a translator for people who did not speak English. Lovens first started volunteering because it was required by the school, but he then realized he had found his passion in helping others. So, he continued to volunteer past his required hours and help people in any way he could. Lovens is currently enlisted in the army as an E-3, so he will go to boot camp before he attends college. When he returns, he will enroll at East Carolina University to study biochemistry. Lovens admires how enthusiastic and welcoming the people of Wayne County are to everyone. He sees Wayne County as the perfect place to build a future. Lovens has lived in Wayne County for about three years. He lived in Haiti before that. 
     In the future, Lovens hopes to be happy with his life, career, and family. He also hopes to see Wayne County grow to be much bigger in time, and he feels confident that can happen due to the caring and diverse people in our County. Lovens wants people to know that he loves to help people in any way possible, a trait he got from his mom. In his spare time, he enjoys watching Netflix, reading, researching about his future career, and playing with his two year old sister. Moving from Haiti to the United States was a big change for Lovens, as he did not know how to speak English when he first arrived. Lovens is grateful that Wayne County gave him the opportunity to grow as a person and learn English to become a passionate and dedicated member of our community.



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Hiwot Shaw Picture

     Hiwot Shaw is a senior at Wayne Country Day School. She was adopted from Hosaena, Ethiopia when she was three years old along with her older brother. She has four brothers. She enjoys participating in dance and cross country. Hiwot likes to challenge herself in every aspect of her life. She also loves exploring new things, especially different cultures and foods.

     Hiwot became heavily involved in volunteer work during her sophomore year of high school. When she was watching home videos with her family, she was very emotional upon seeing different pictures and clips, and she thought about her biological family. She realized how lucky she was to have a stable life and a good education, and she wished to provide this help to others too. So, she did research and decided to work with H2 Empower, a nonprofit organization where 100% of proceeds go towards improving education in Hosaena, Ethiopia. As her project has grown, Hiwot has become extremely passionate and happy to be able to give back to a cause that is personal to her, and help others in need.

     To raise money for her project, Hiwot started fundraisers. She made t-shirts and cookie grams (which brought her close to her grandmother). She sold her t-shirts and cookie grams at her school, along with hosting a pizza fundraiser. At her dance studio, she developed a kid's holiday party. Altogether, Hiwot raised over $3,000, all of which went directly to building a Kindergarten classroom in Hosaena.  She was ecstatic and touched to see pictures of the construction sent by H2 Empower. It made her happy to see that she had made a positive impact on the world. She encourages others to find something they are passionate about and use it to give back to their community. She also wants everyone to remember how lucky they are and appreciate what they have in their life.

      In the future, the one thing Hiwot knows for sure is that she always wants to find a way to help and give back to others. Hiwot’s three passions are dance, education, and helping others, and she hopes to build a successful future that ties all three of these things together. While she does not know what college she wants to attend yet, she knows she wants to enroll in a school that will help her to continue to make a difference.

      Small or big, Hiwot encourages everyone to make a difference in whatever they are passionate about. Hiwot is extremely thankful to have been adopted and have everything that she does, and she will continue to live her life with an open mind and open heart.

Guillermo Estrada
     Guillermo Estrada is a sophomore at Wayne School of Engineering, where he is also dual enrolled at Wayne Community College. He is the 2020-2021 Southeast District President of 4H. 4H is an organization that was created in 1902, and it provides children ages 5-18 with the opportunity to do good for their community and help them grow. Guillermo enjoys the unity and support he feels from his fellow citizens in Wayne County, as he loves seeing the numerous people with passions for volunteering. Guillermo is very ambitious and always gives his best and expects the best from everyone.
     For example, in his first week as district officer for 4H, he has already hit the ground running and dedicated a lot of time to it. An interesting fact about Guillermo is that he participates in a dance called Baile Folklorico, which is a traditional Mexican dance. 
     After high school, Guillermo hopes to graduate with his Associates and Arts from Wayne Community College and go to NC State University where he can pursue a career in business or political science. He wants to stay active in politics and he encourages all eligible citizens of Wayne County to go out and vote in the upcoming election. 
     Guillermo has lived in Wayne County his entire life, and he found his passion for 4H through Cooperative Extension, which is where his mom works. He hopes that Wayne County can strengthen its unity and progress to a more diverse community in the future, while continuing to show love and support. Through volunteering, Guillermo has been pleased to see the impact that volunteerism has allowed him to make on other people, especially those who are less fortunate. Because of this, he encourages everyone to volunteer when they get the opportunity. Volunteering has allowed Guillermo to see the needs of others in his community, and it motivates him to continue helping others in any way he can. For the past few months, Guillermo has been involved in a food distribution. This is where the USDA buys unsold food from farmers and sends them to North Carolina, where Guillermo and others help redistribute them to people in need. He encourages people to volunteer their time in any way they can, so they can help make an impact, and he hopes to continue to grow his community and himself through his passion for volunteering.