Library Advisory Board

Regular Meeting

The Board meets the 3rd Friday of each month, except July and December, at noon unless the chairman of the board has upon notice to the members scheduled another meeting time. The meetings, which are open to the public, are held in the Gertrude Weil Auditorium in the Goldsboro Library.

2018 Meeting Schedule


The Advisory Board is composed of 7 appointees and a member of the county commissioners as an ex-officio member. The Board of Commissioners of Wayne County appoints and reappoints members as vacancies occur. The current members are as follows:

Shirley Edwards, Chair (Term expires: June, 2018); 919-734-9486 (home phone)

John L. Pippin, Jr., Vice Chair (Term expires: June, 2019);

Ryan Fields, Member (Term expires: June, 2020);

Lee Hulse, Member (Term expires: June, 2020);

Nancy Reyes, Member (Term expires: June, 2020);

Howard Scott, Member (Term expires: June, 2018);

Youlanda Wynn, Member (Term expires: June, 2020);

Ray Mayo, Ex-Officio;

About the Board
The Advisory Board exercises the powers, authority, and responsibilities delegated to it by the Wayne County Board of Commissioners. This Board performs the duties of an advisory board and has no legal responsibilities other than those granted by the Wayne County Commissioners. In general, the Advisory Board acts as a liaison between the library, local government, and the community.