Genealogy & Local History

A series of books resting on a bookshelf
Research your local and family history at Wayne County Public Library! Many resources related to your family history or North Carolina historical research can be found in the Local History Room. Books, including everything from compilations of marriage announcements to census records to family histories, are held for Wayne and surrounding counties. You may search for books in the online catalog.

Microfilm Records
Microfilm records are also available, including the Goldsboro News Argus, Wayne County Records, and other relevant records from nearby counties. See the listing for the microfilm collections on the Collection Guide page for a full description of holdings.
Vertical Files
Our vertical files also hold valuable research materials for local families and town and county history. Vertical file topics can be searched in the online catalog. Files vary in extent and content but may include newspaper clippings, notes, and personal writings.

Online Resources